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Learning Has No Bounds

We founded United Football Academy with one goal in mind: giving our students the best, most rewarding learning experience. United Football Academy is located in the city of Hong Kong and reflects the vibrant

energy of the area. Our passionate and skilled team members are here to help students achieve their goals.

Nevertheless, our ultimate mission is to promote equality, unity and peace across people of all nations, regardless of race, religion and gender. We truly believe this can be best achieved through sports. 

Our unique approach to learning makes United Football Academy stand out from the rest.

Are you ready to reach your potential? Join us today! 

我們創立 United Football Academy 的目標只有一個:為我們的學生提供最好、最有價值的學習體驗。

UFA位於香港,反映著香港人的精神和活力。 我們充滿熱誠的專業團隊幫助學生實現他們的理想與目標。

儘管如此,我們的終極使命是促進所有人平等、團結與和平;不分種族、宗教和性別。 我們堅信團體運動就是實現這理想最好的途徑。我們獨特的教學方法使UFA脫穎而出。 你準備好發揮你的潛力了嗎? 今天就來加入我們吧!

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Professional Soccer Instructor | Founder of the UFA
專業足球教練 | 創辦人

Coach Sam has decided to devote his career to promoting equality among all people, raising awareness about social integration. He believes that regardless of your origin, social status and beliefs, that everyone should be treated as equals. More importantly, he rests his faith in the children, who are the future leaders of tomorrow, to bring unity and peace to the world. With this vision in mind, he founded UFA in hopes of using his passion in football as a means to bring positive impact to the children and youth in the community, and in the near future, across Asia and the world.

UFA創辦人兼總教練 Coach Sam 決定將他的職業生涯致力於促進所有人的平等,提高社會對文化融合的意識。他認為,不論您的國籍、社會地位和信仰,大家都應該平等對待每個人及受到公平對待。更重要的是,他相信孩子們是這世界未來的領袖,能為團結世界及帶來和平。持著這個願景,他創立了 UFA,希望利用他對足球的熱情為社區中的兒童和青年帶來積極影響,並在不久的將來,在亞洲和世界各地發揚光大。

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